Two different loops are used on this ride. Starting point for both these Rides is Capalaba Maccas 5:30am#. Riders breifing then Two Groups Fast and Moderate. Riders should be able to average at least 30km/h comfortably on the flat, have spares and a phone is essential for these rides. ( You can get dropped )

1: Wynnum Loop: Capalaba - Camp Hill- Morning Side -Wynnum- Wello Point - Cleveland: Approx 80km but can be stretched to 100km depending on the group

2: Dasiy Hill Loop: (Infrequently used) Capalaba - Sheldon - Rochedale - Shailer Park - Cornubia - Cleveland Approx 100km quite a hilly route.


Sunday : 

Two rides both meeting at Cleveland Library at 6:30am on Sundays

1: Cornubia Loop: Cleveland - Mt Cotton- Cornubia - Victoria Point - Cleveland. approx 54km

The frist part of the ride is a single group to Cornubia( Mt Cotton Rd & Bryants Rd intersection) Two groups form Fast and Slow, the slow group is a No Drop Group back to Cleveland for Coffee. Optional diversion to Victoria Point for a few extra kilometres.

2: Beginners Ride - Cleveland - Victoria Point Cleveland. approx 30km

This is for the rider new to the sport that would like to ride in a group. Give you pointers on signals/ Voice Calls required when riding in a group. The Group is a NO DROP Group will take the time to climb hills. Route is modified according to Riders ability.

Road Training

Tuesday - TT Individal (Raby Bay Loop) 5:00am

Training for TT but usually a group from and they practice paceline or sprinting. Good loop as if you drop off usually there are other riders cruising around drop in and have a chat till coffee time.

Thursday - Speed Session (Raby Bay Loop) 5:00am

Two groups doing the Raby Bay Loop to Cleveland Point 10km, The Group speed increases approximately 2km/h after each loop. Slow Group 34, 36, 38, 40km/h the fast group starts at 36km/h. Good loop as if you drop off usually there are other riders cruising around drop in and have a chat till coffee time.

Track Training

Tuesday - Track Training Night at Chandler Velodrome

Billy Wright runs the night so for more information send an email to him  

From 7pm to 9pm (warmup from 6:30pm)

If you have a Ride or Racing License you are most welcome to have a ride. (Must bring CA License)

Track bikes an be hired from Cycling Queensland: this has to be organised before the night. Cycling Qld can help you in this area.

Special Rides

These occur usually Once A Month and on Public Holidays. Invitation is sent via the Facebook Page.

Austraila Day

Easter Monday

Queens Birthday

Labour Day

Mt Nebo - 120km

Three Peaks

Brisbane - Gold Coast 100km (Charity Ride run by Bicycle Qld)

Century Ride 160km

Nudgee Beach -110km

Redcliffe - 130km

Redland Classic - 100km (Charity Ride run by Cleveland Rotary)